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All the faculties have been recruited and trained at our National HQ Delhi, to ensure universal quality of teaching. They are all full time employees of FIITJEE Ltd having a contract with FIITJEE. 

Yes by opting for our EXIT OPTION POLICY at the time of admission. In case a student is not very sure about his area of interest after 10th, for e.g. if they want to take Biology, Commerce or Arts after 10th, then it will be advisable to quit the program after 10th.

Yes by opting for our EXIT OPTION POLICY at the time of admission. In case a student is not very sure about his area of interest after 10th, for e.g. they want to take Biology, Commerce or Arts after 10th, then it will be advisable to quit the program after 10th.

Though extra classes are not part of regular practice at FIITJEE .Yet these may be conducted for valid occasional requirement felt by faculty or for any special requirement. But prior intimation should be given to the student much in advance by email/sms.

Batches are shuffled based on students’ performances in their periodic tests and the objective is to homogenise the batches & keep students motivated for harmonious competition. There is no discrimination among batches.

Yes, usually classes are not conducted during the month of their Annual Exam in School.

Normally the week days of classes for a batch are fixed for the session whereas the time table for a week is put on the Notice Board in print form in its previous week. Any changes in the time table will be intimated prior to the students by SMS or email.

Yes, Parent Teacher Meeting is conducted after every Phase test. During PTM, parents can interact with the faculty members allocated by the AO team. Apart from PTM day if Parents want to meet the faculty members, they can call office & fix an appointment with the respective faculties for their meeting. The parents need to make a call to the FIITJEE Visakhapatnam center & seek an appointment with the respective faculty.

After Phase Test is over, all OMR are scanned & results are generated in excel format. These results are emailed & regarding info will be sent to parents directly by AO team.

There is a system of Student Performance Report generation after every phase. Student’sperformance is discussed in detail during the Parent Teacher meeting(PTM) held after each phase test.

Also parents can see the complete performance record of their ward online anytime through “Student Login” available on our website ( They need to login to our website, enter their 13 digit enrolment number as userid + password to generate the result sheet.

Definitely students from any board can join FIITJEE for competitive exams. After scrutinising all the boards of India we have developed a consolidated syllabus that will suffice the needs of the students aspiring for exams like IITJEE Mains & Advance, KVPY, Olympiads etc.

Not only the course helps in preparing of these exams but also improves student's overall performance in the school/college exams.

The classrooms at FIITJEE Pune Centre have an average seating capacity of 35-  40students per room. Mostly all batches have atleast 35 students. More than 50 is strictly prohibited in each batch.

Distribution of the complete study material during a session is well planned.

Set of study material for a particular Phase is distributed to students at the beginning of that Phase.Chapter Practice Problems (CPP) and Classroom Learning Improvement Problems (CLIPS) are given to students for more exercise & practice once they complete the CPP. After the completion of the syllabus, Archives of Chapter wise segregated question of previous year IITJEE & Mains, Review Booklets & GMP (Grand Master Package) are distributed to the students.

Regular doubt clearance sessions are planned in the time tables as per student's requirements. Students can seek extra time with faculty by way of appointments. Faculty is readily available for outside class support to students.

In addition to the regular quiz on the class days, Periodic Weekly Performance Enrichment Tests(PET) are conducted on Saturdays. Phase Tests are conducted for every batch after the completion of every phase in exam simulated conditions.

Other Testing & Monitoring exercises on All India level like AITS, AiITS, RTPF, Mid Phase Tests and Mock Tests etc. are the part of the programs. Each Simulated test is followed by discussion cum Test analysis session.

At Visakhapatnam Center the classes for Regular CRP (Class Room Program) batches are conducted on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and for WP (Weekend Program) classes are on Saturday/Sunday.

At the time of admission parents should collect the “ENROLLMENT FORM” & fill it in all respect. Documents required at the time of admission are:
- FTRE/MSTSE/F-40/FTSE/Admission Test Hall Ticket.
- Offer Letter or Result Printout Sheet (available on
- 10 Photos of the student + 3 photos of the cheque holder.
- School or College proof (Id card, Marksheet and Bonafide certificate xerox).

In Pune we are offering Pinnacle Two Year Integrated Program in both boards:
CBSE School located in Fatima Nagar, Wanowarie& Balewadi
HSC Jr.College located in Camp.

Yes, as per transfer policy and subject to availability of his/her opted program at the centre for which transferred is sought. The students need to submit a transfer application in his current Study Centre along with a Transfer Fee (in the form of DD only). A valid reason for transfer is needed on the application under which parent transfer or medical reason can be mentioned only.

NO. FIIJEE has no franchise centre.All the Centres of FIITJEE in the different cities all over India & abroad are FIITJEE’s own centres.Same study material , curriculum & teaching methodology is followed in all the centres and the Total Quality management is ensured by the National Operation(Delhi).Each centre is led by an academician of FIITJEE. FIITJEE has centralised policy of recruitment & training to ensure that best of the faculty members of the country can be made available to the students studying in various locations.

FIITJEE has elaborated scholarship policy for meritorious students and there are categories of scholarships based on performance in Admission test, achievements in NTSE, International Science & Mathematics Olympiads and KVPY. There is special Fee Concession for siblings of FIITJEE students. Refer program details to know about various applicable scholarships. You can also refer to SCHOLARSHIP section of this website on home page for details.

There are three ways to register for the admission tests:

  1. Visit the website <a href="" target="_blank"></a>& click “online payment”. Fill the entire form by selecting the respective class & make the payments by using a Credit Card. The Hall Ticket can be printed from the site itself.
  2. Visit the website <a href="" target="_blank"></a>& click “e-application”. Fill the entire form by selecting the respective class & take a print out of the same. Prepare a DD of the mentioned amount favouring “FIITJEE LTD” payable at Pune. Submit the form, 2 photos, last year marksheet/ID Xerox to get the Hall Ticket.
  3. Visit the FIITJEE Centre & collect the Paper Application from the reception. Fill the form, affix 2 photos & attach last year mark sheet/ID Xerox to receive the Hall Ticket. Payments can be made by DD/Cash.

Yes, for every correct answer +3 marks will be awarded & for every wrong answer -1 will be awarded.

The cut off mark for selection & scholarship for every test is decided by the National Admission committee on the basis of the difficulty level of the paper & relative performance of the students in that particular paper.

The admission test consists of one or two objective papers:
IQ + Physics/Chemistry/Maths (9:30am to 1.00pm& 1.10pm – 4.45pm)
Note: For each paper half an hour is given for students to fill the OMR Sheet with pencil only.
Total marks – 225 or 270 or 474

Yes, one has to qualify in the admission test. A student can take a maximum of two attempts of admission tests in one academic session(In addition to FTRE).In case the student is selected in 1st attempt & have scored some scholarship but still they don’t take admission in FIITJEE as they have planned to take another test in order to achieve more scholarship, then in that case the 2nd attempt will be considered first otherwise the student can take the admission on the basis of 1st test results & the corresponding terms & condition will be applicable.

To take admission in any program of FIITJEE, student needs to qualify the Admission Test.FIITJEE conducts admission test for its various programs according to a pre defined schedule. You can refer the front office of Pune Centre to know the schedule of test dates or visit <a href=\"\"></a> for detailed dates.

Fee payment is through DD and PDCs in favour of FIITJEE Ltd. And appropriate account heads described in the corresponding program information.

From this year onwards FIITJEE fees can be paid through NEFT directly to the specified account number. For exact process, kindly confirm the same with the Accounts Department.

From this year onwards we are planning to launch our  Regular Classroom Program for class 9thwhose schedules are as follows:
Monday – 5.30pm to 8.00pm
Wednesday – 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Thursday – 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Friday – 5.00pm to 8.00pm

The aim at FIITJEE is to make sure that each and every student who is very clear to prepare for IIT-JEE from class IX/X onwards should land up in the Top Rank & thus pursue the branch at the choice of his/ her IIT.
In Four / Three year classroom programs students get twin benefits. One, you pay lower course fee over a span of four / three years and the other advantage which is precious is the academic inputs. Students who do not opt for the exit option will have the advantage that their class XI syllabi will start from the month of Oct when they are still in class X and will go down till Jan/ Feb. There will be a small break for his Xth board / SA-II exam after which immediately the class XI course will continue. Thus this will give lot of advantage to the student as by the time they enter their class XII almost all JEE syllabi will be over and student will have sufficient time to revise thus getting a top rank in JEE becomes achievable.
Let’s take a case of a student who is clear on his aspiration to study at IIT but has opted for an EXIT option. In his case in the Month of Oct when he is in class X his academic inputs will totally be giventowards revision and board exam level preparation. This student will not get the advantage of starting class XI inputs as compare to another student who has not opted for the EXIT option.
This student has to write the FTRE again and need to pay the revised new fee as applicable at the time of enrollment plus will have to start in a Fresh batch which will start in the month of April when he would have reached class XI. He will be stating his preparation with fresh students were the FIITJEE faculty members will cover some basic fundamentals again in the month of April which this student would have any way covered in his past phases. This repetition will be further waste of time. Thus he will be far behind in course coverage and will be left with less time for revision as compare to the other student who did not opt for the exit option. This factor could have a huge impact on students JEE rank and he might have to compromise on his choice of branch and IIT.

Presently No but we are trying to start the Medical Wing also shortly in the coming years.

FIITJEE ties-up with schools or junior colleges for all of their Integrated Programs. Generally the key factors that are consider before the tie-up are as follows:

  1. Eagerness of the school authority to improve their academics.
  2. Board Affiliation.
  3. Conducive & Ambient Environment for teaching& learning.
  4. Enabling Infrastructure – Spacious Campus with Buildings& Classrooms. Proper Playgrounds for the physical development of the students along with Library facilities.
  5. Well Equipped Physics/Chemistry/Computer Laboratories.
  6. Accessibility of the school according to the demography of the city.
  7. Openness of the school along with the compatibility of the authorities with FIITJEE management. They should be clear in their minds about the benefit of the Schooling Program & the overall development of the students. Sharing equal thinking grounds with FIITJEE.
  8. For the tie up, the interested school should put forth the proposal. Any school/ junior college/PTA association interested for FIITJEE association can contact us by writing an e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Their valuable proposal will be considered with due regards.                                                                                                                                                       To know more about the school association click here<a href=""></a>

FIITJEE Viskahapatnam centre does not have its own hostels at present but a third party hostel facility is available for the students of FIITJEE Viskahapatnam. Kindly refer the Hostel Facility Section in FIITJEE Visakhapatnam Microsite or by opening link.<a href=\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"  target=\\\\\\\"_blank\\\\\\\"></a>

Yes, we do have transport facility for both Regular & Weekend programs. Kindly refer the FIITJEE Pune Microsite or open the link <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

Open the link  Or Visit the website select the link “FEE CALCULATOR” located on the right hand side. Once clicked fill the study centre, program selected along with the respective class of the student&click “SUBMIT”. The fee plans will be displayed on your screen itself.The fee mentioned there is the full fee of the course, but student can avail scholarship on the basis of their performance in the admission test.

The Brochure is given FREE OF COST to those who visit the centre for information. You can also visit our website <a href=""></a>& download the brochure of the respective exam.

Monday  :  7:45am – 2:10pm
 Tues–Fri : 7:45am – 3:10pm (Including Doubt Clearance Session)
  Saturday: 9:30am – 3pm (Including the Weekly test &doubt solvingSession)

Pinnacle - Two Year School or Junior CollegeIntegrated Program is a revolutionary & innovative program of FITTJEE, which is conducted within the school or junior college premises during school or junior college timings. FIITJEE faculty will teach PCM of 11/12th school or junior collegesyllabi(for Board) along with the syllabi for IITJEE/AIEEE/MHTCET/KVPY/BITSAT/OLYMPIADS etc. Each day the schooling will conclude with a Doubt Clearance Session or sometimes an Extra Class.Students can gauze their performance through the Weekly Test on Saturdays. Regular sessions of Personality Development are conducted after the Weekly Tests on Saturday. The schools areaffiliated to CBSE whereas junior college is affiliated to HSC& it will be a 6 days program. The other two subjects English &Information Practices or Computer Science or Physical Education or Biology or Electronics or Other Bifocal are taken care by the school or junior college teachers only.The whole curriculum & teaching is planned, executed & monitored(TQM) by FIITJEE

Yes, For Students of class 10th going to 11th, Two Year Integrated School program called PINNACLE is available (For class XI & XII)

The following programs are available at Visakhapatnam Centre:

  1. Four Year(Weekend Classroom Program– Mains& Advance) for Students ofclass IX.
  2. Four Year(Regular Classroom Program) for Students of class IX.
  3. Three Year (Weekend Classroom Program) for Students of class X.
  4. Two Year (Regular – JEE Mains& Advance) Classroom Programfor the Students ofclass XI.
  5. Two Year (Weekend – JEE Mains &Advanced) Classroom Program for the Students of class XI.
  6. Pinnacle Two Year Integrated School Programfor the Students of class XI.
  7. Pinnacle Two Year Integrated Jr.College Program for the Students of class XI.
  8. One Year Regular Classroom Program for the Students of class XII.
  9. One Year Extended Classroom Programfor the XII passed Students.
  10. Intensive Contact Program – Crash Course for Students of class XII/XIIth pass.